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In the year of 1998 Mr. Hannes Auer GmbH founded the 3CON in Oberaudorf/Germany. The company produces innovative tooling and equipment technologies for manufacturing of automotive interiors, such as door panels, instrument panels, consoles and pillars.

The first extension of 3CON GmbH was the construction of the plant in Ebbs / Austria in the year 2001. Originally it was planned as a production site; it is today the headquarters of the group. It includes the areas of project planning, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning. The departments for prototyping, research and development are also located in Ebbs.

In 2012, the groundbreaking ceremony for a new milestone in the company history was made: The new central building with large offices and manufacturing area of more than 3.600 m² / 39.000 ft². Since 2013, it serves as the headquarter for the 3CON group.

In 2014 it has been a marked year by the internationalization of 3CON group. In spring, the 3CON Corporation opened its center of operations in Wixom (Michigan/USA). This was followed by the establishment in Shanghai/China and San Luis Potosí/Mexico .

As part of the expansion, the company's enlarged the sales department, project planning and designing at the new location in Laufen / Upper Bavaria. This new subsidiary extends the technology focus on thermoforming and edge folding.

Also at the headquarters of the company the high level of customer encouragement led to above-average growth of 3CON group. To meet the market requirements, 2014, the groundbreaking ceremony for the second phase of construction has been set. The extension with an area of more than 2.800 m² / 30.000 ft² was ready to use in spring 2015.

The international orientation, the capacity expansion and the Cooperation with its technology partners allows the 3CON group the implementation of sophisticated and global projects.

Meanwhile, the company 3CON is one of the world leaders in the fields of press laminating, vacuum laminating, edge folding, joining technology, assembly lines and hot air-cutting in special systems for the automotive industry and its suppliers.

Well-known customers from the automotive industry rely on the technological know-how for years. 3CON offers innovative solutions that range from consulting the part design to turnkey delivery of the production facilities including service support during the entire production period.

The current turnover of circa 50 million Euro (2015) will continue to grow steadily and consistantly. The basis for this are highly motivated employees, a dynamic working environment and the ongoing urge looking for permanent improvements and new technologies for the benefit of customers.

This innovative spirit is also visible in the worldwide patents in the field of laminating and edge folding and in robotic applications.


Establishing 3CON GmbH, based in Oberaudorf/Germany
Establishing 3CON Anlagenbau GmbH, based in Ebbs/Austria
Establishing IMAA (Interieurs Maschine Austria)
Construction & occupation of the new Headquarters in Ebbs/Austria
Award of CrefoZert for creditworthy companies
Establishing of 3CON subsidiary in Shanghai/China and Laufen/Germany
Gründung Vertriebsbüro in Shanghai
Establishing of 3CON center of operation in Michigan/USA
Award of CrefoZert for creditworthy companies
Establishing of 3CON subsidiary in San Luis Potosí (Mexico)
Gründung einer 3CON Niederlassung mit Produktionsstätte in Chengdu China
Nominierung BMW Supplier Innovation Award
Sieger BMW Supplier Innovation Award - Rubrik "Produktivität"

3CON Anlagenbau GmbH
Manufacturing plant – and Innovation center

Overall costs: € 6.4 Mio.
Total Area: 3.680 m²
Land Area total: 5.853,39 m²
Start of Work: June 2013
Competition: December 2013
Employees: 160

The 3CON Manufacturing plant and Innovation center consist of:

Programming, PLC and Electro-Design, mechanical Design, Project department Sales, Purchasing, Account, Controlling, Travel management, reception, Meeting rooms and areas

Final Assembling, Pre-Assembling Electric Assembling,  warehouse,
laboratory and tryout area, Prototype area, 3D-Printing, Glue application machine

The Extension of the 3CON Manufacturing plant and Innovation center consist of:

Tool shop, control cabinet manufacturing, Milling dept, apprenticeship workshop,
Overall costs: € 3,2 Mio.
Total Area: 2.800 m²
Production/Milling dept.: 2.170 m²
Office Area: 630 m²
Start of Work: June 2014
Competition: February 2015
New Employees total: 230