Management board

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Mr. Ing. Hannes Auer, 3CON founder of 3CON and CEO, cares for the commercial issues. He is supported by his attorneys Mr. Daniel Schöpf (plant manager) and Mr. Christian Mayr (head of engineering).

vlnr: Ing. Daniel Schöpf, Ing. Hannes Auer, Ing. Christian Mayr

The vision

We will become the worldwide reference for custom-made technological solutions   for the automobile manufacturing industry.

The mission

Our company provides state of the art technology  and tooling to the customers.

Our Targets 

  • Constant expansion through continuous product development
  • Enhancing our brand awareness
  • Continuous encouragement of the professional and individual development of our employees.

Our values

  • Customer Orientation
  • We represent the best quality on the market