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Anti Squeak mitigation is mainly applied on inner door panel corners. Anti-squeaking liquids or waxes are applied on contact surfaces to outer door to avoid creaking noises. These noises emerge by relativly small movements of the components to each other, mainly while driving through the twists in the vehicle. 3CON has developed a stand-alone system and an integrated solution for applying anti-squeaking fluids.


1. Description of Process

The anti-squeaking-liquid is placed in special containers specifically designed for the process. The consistency of the liquid is kept very constant by using a magnetic stirring device keeping a controlled agitation over the period of production use. By means of compressed air,  a pressurized dispensing of the liquid is then conveyed to the nozzle, which is mounted on the head of a robot. The application rate is extremely precisely controlled and monitored with the help of sophisticated instrumentation.


2. Machines

Both, free-standing installations and integration solution in a linked assembly line are suitable for the application of an anti-squeaking liquid. Most of the anti-squeaking systems used in practice are freestanding special purpose machines, which allow processing of various components. The supply of the components is done by manual insertion directly into a component-shot, in which a linear robot system or a multi-axis robot performs the job. Alternatively slide tables or multiple turntables can be used for component supply.

Advantageously, the integration of the anti-squeaking application is in an assembly line, which can also perform more joining and assembly activities. (See also 3CON assembly lines.)


3. 3CON Advantages


3CON developed its own anti-squeaking application system to compensate for deficits of the available systems  on the market. The focus is on increasing the reliability and ease of handling.

Stop ping of production due to lack of material was overcome by a simple design solution. The 3CON application system has 2 liquid containers that can be filled alternately hence mitigating the risk due to shortage of available material.

The cleaning is also done automatically. This includes an ultrasonic cleaning system for the nozzle and the possibility of a simple and inexpensive replacement of the complete feed lines. The carrier part shots, a change system has been developed that significantly simplifies the exchange of coming into contact with the paint components.

Key Facts:

  • Uninterrupted production at change of container
  • Accurate order quantity control by self-developed measurement system
  • Can be integrated in complete automation assembly and joining lines
  • Spray nozzles selection according to customer specifications and material requisition possible
  • Optimized cleaning method of using ultrasonic spray nozzle
  • Low maintenance, easy interchangeability of all components



The automatic setting clips and retainers for interior door panels and other interior components are increasingly used for cost reduction. In order to avoid an additional part handling, the integration of automatic setting clips in assembly lines or other process steps offers.

1. Process Description

The clips or retainers are automatically pre-oriented and fed by a vibratory feeder. Developed by 3CON multi-clip holder accepts the clips from these feeding units and performs robot controlled the respective clip recordings of the interior parts.

2. Machine

The market is trending more for  integrated solutions andare being considered to achieve a reduced component handling for putting clips.

It provides the installation in a higher-level assembly line, but also an implementation in edge folding machines or other applications such as, in anti-squeaking plants is possible.

3. 3CON Advantages

Developed by 3CON clip setting method offers the possibility to set up to 12 clips with a single robot. The cycle time to set the clips smaller1.2s / Clip can be achieved.

The 3CON clip sorting allows the processing of different clips with different geometries in a sorting station.

Compensation of the support part tolerances of up to 1.0mm can be achieved with the 3CON system in x / y / z.

Depending on the needs, robot Brands like ABB, KUKA and MOTO MAN can be used. A motion simulation is used to cycle time and geometry determination.

Key Facts:

  • Up to 12 clips / robot processed
  • Different clips geometries possible
  • Tolerance compensation in x / y / z up to 1mm
  • Clips speed setting 1.2s
  • Clips recording speed 1.6s
  • Robots of various manufacturers used
  • Standardized robot control
  • Robot Simulation