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1. Introduction

3CON developed the innovative ESL-technique as an advancement of the press lamination and Edge-folding process. Meanwhile, by the use of TPO - and PVC foils, the ESL technology is an alternative to the IMG - or vacuum laminating. ESL means “Exact-shape lamination” and provides the ultimate solutions for:

  • Increasing quality requirements  e.g. limited grain stretching
  • Material usage reduction through optimal foil usage
  • Labor cost reduction through the integration of processes

The ESL process works with exact pre- cuts. By using servo-controlled gripper systems, the press lamination is going to fix the décor on the carrier. After this step, the décor is going to be edge folded by the integrated edge folder.

2. Machine concept

The standard machine MTP or MTPS is the basis of the machine concept.  For the ESL process, it is enlarged with an additional material delivery shuttle. Optional the carrier can be unloaded automatically by an oncoming conveyor to the operator or to the machine backside. Through this procedure, a part free lower tool is given.

3. Tooling concept

The ESL tool consists of female/male mold- press lamination tool, a complex gripper system with integrated edge folding units, a contour bounded IR heating shuttle and pre loading tablets for the cover stock blanks.

Keyfacts ESL:

  • Décor and glue savings up to 50% possible
  • No or less grain stretching
  • Few restoring forces in the décor
  • Manufacturing of diverse materials possible
  • Integrated edge folding, no additional separate machines and tools
  • Multicolor laminating with two decors possible