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In order to produce a defined edge or clean gap pillars, seat panels, door and instrument panels and a lot of other interior parts are edge folded. Depending on the material pairing here are various heating and slide concepts used. According to the complexity of the component, and process requirements 3CON can offer tailored to your specific needs machine / tool concept.

1. Process Description

After the preceding cover and trimming process the edge folding of the rest of the cover stock flap has to carry out.

When edge folding with an adhesive system it is activated by using hot air, infrared or heat diffusion with hot sliders, 3CON use connected linked sliders to wrap the flap around the corners.

By contrast, in glue less edge folding system the surface is melted and the film remaining flap with the plasticized material pressed.

2. Machines

According to the requirements of our customers to the process, and primarily to the cycle time 3CON is capable to offer the suitable machine concept. There are single station or Inline systems as a double system version to choose from. To enable our customers the greatest possible flexibility, an innovative tool change system is optionally available. Here, the tools are already mounted firmly on tool carriage.

These are positioned and staked as a unit in the machine.

3. Tools

3CON edge folding tools consist essentially of a lower and an upper tool.

An integral part of the lower tool are the milled partial segments and the edge folding sliders, which are pneumatic or servo driven actuated, water cooled and guided by a connected link system.

The sliders are adapted during the commissioning to geometry of the component and the process conditions finally. The corresponding heating contour and the required hold-down are integrated into the upper tool. In exceptional cases, depending on the component geometry, edge folding units are also realized in the upper tool. Furthermore, non-process operations such as punching or welding could be integrated into the tool concept.

4. Profitable Product

In close cooperation with our customers we optimize during the commissioning process and tool to receive a salable product.

Here, we used purposefully our extensive, in many edge folding projects obtained know-how.

Key Facts:

  • High repeatability of the sliders movement through connected linked sliders
  • Short cycle times by water cooled sliders
  • IR heating concepts, hot glue baking and hot air for optimum adaptation to the process available
  • Mainly used Infrared heaters for reduced cycle time
  • Flexibility through optional tool change
  • Punching / Welding operations integrable