HotAir Cutting

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1. Introduction

The hot air cutting was developed and patented by 3CON. It was designed as a cost effective alternative to laser or water jet sheaths.

Textiles or other flexible materials are processable with ease and is an effective alternative at a lower cost.


2. Process Description

A hot air stream is produced with a specially designed hot air generator flows through a cutting nozzle and is condensed to a high-energy beam. The outflow is far beyond 500 ° C. Scalpel-like separates this by means of thermal energy as well as genetic air flow. The system was developed for the trimming of in-mold interior columns as a separate processing cell. However, this cutting technology can be easily integrated into existing processes. A combination with other technologies is possible.

The trimming can be done in edge folding length or be designed as the near edge trimming.


3. Plants Concepts

The hot air cutting technology can be run as a freestanding cell with robot and work piece holder. Here is a direct insertion into the work piece holder or turntable concepts with 2 shots are possible.

Integration of the hot air cutting technique in the 3CON assembly line and in an Edge folding- or press laminating system is possible.

Key Facts:

  • Cost effective alternative to laser or water jet technology
  • High efficiency and energy saving
  • Can be integrated into existing processes or as free-standing robotic cell
  • Less security efforts are required