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Please redefine your thoughts. . In general will be differed between surface welding and riveting operations. According to the complexity of the modules and the requested process 3CON provides a customized unit/tools concept.

1. Process specification

Welding of larger surfaces, like air ducts in dashboards, generally uses infrared-heating technology. The surfaces of the parts will be melted and joined under a defined pressure. Smaller bonding’s also are made by using ultrasonic technology for plastification.

In case of riveting, a rivet dome will be plastified with a suitable method and formed by a stamp. This method will be normally used for door panels or pillars or similar.

Plastifying the dome will be realized with hot air, ultrasonic, hot stamp or infrared - technology. The hot air method in particular affords a very high racking steadiness.

2. Machinery

According to your process specification (especially cycle time) 3CON provides you

an individual concept. There are single station machines with sliding table or based on the MTP (Multi Tool Press) available. These are also available as a duplex version. It is also available as an integrated solution on the 3CON Flexline system.

For the upmost flexibility, an innovative tool changing concept is also available as an option.

3. Tools

3CON joining tools essentially are composed of a under - and upper tool.

An integral part of the under tool are the fragment segments which are routed according to customers CAD-data. According to requirements and complexity there are variants like for example RL/LL, with inserts moved by diverse moving-/turn- und idle stroke units. These inserts can be changed automatically with a push of a button.

At the tools for surface welding, partial tools for the joining components that could be integrated in the upper tool. There are also variants with automatic moveable changing units.

 The infrared heaters of surface welding tools are made according to the outline of the unit. Heaters will be made of standard units, which are moved in position by a servo powered shuttle unit.

The riveting units in the upper tool are moved by pneumatic cylinders. Therefore different orientations are possible within one tool. The modular system provides the disassembly of single module for service issues. As an additional point, there is a three combination of different techniques like ultrasonic, hot air and hot stamp.

4. Commissioning phase

Through the installation, we optimize the process and tools in close collaboration with the customer for reaching the commissioning phase.

In this process, our customer profit by our know-how in various rerouting projects all over the world.

Key Facts:

  • Hohe Abzugsfestigkeit
  • Hohe Resistenz gegen Umwelteinflüsse
  • Hohe Produktionsflexibiltät durch Werkzeuge mit integrierter Variantendarstellung
  • Wartungsfreie Nieteinheiten
  • Kombinierbarkeit der verschiedenen Verfahreinheiten
  • 3CON Infrarot-Heiztechnologie
  • Einfache Wartung- und Instandhaltung