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1. Introduction

The 3CON punching technology offers many different applications from individual solutions to integrated punching operations.

3CON always provides the optimum solution for your problem: punching process, kiss-cut, hot knife cutting or punching in a groove.

2. Machine Concepts

Punching devices are designed as welded steel construction and servo driven.

Punch presses are based on the 3CON MTP (Multi Tool Press) and are characterized by compact machine dimensions and a high repeatability of +/- 0.03 mm.
Mechanically synchronized servo drives, 100mm gear racks and stable pinions have been developed for high precision and repeatability.

In other technologies integrated punching processes will be designed with inferior C-frame systems.

3. Tool Concepts

Punching extent, punching force or application defines our punching tools.

Thereby servo driven, pneumatic, hydraulic or pneumatic-hydraulic cylinders are the selected actuators.

4. Implementation

The optimal punching process is determined in advance by experiments.


  • High-quality punching units
  • Integration capability; punching units can be integrated into other process steps
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Highest quality and reliability
  • Low-maintenance units
  • Very precise cutting gaps of 2/100 for punching degree reduction
  • Innovative cutting punch geometries to reduce the form factor and needed punching power